El Exquisito

In 1974 the Coro family began their American Dream opening a small Cuban family-style restaurant in what is now the heart of Calle 8 (Miami’s 8th street). Heliodoro Coro, with his passion, created a steady stream of patrons with his home style menu. Over the years he became a well-known figure in the area and expanded the restaurant to accommodate the growing number of customers who enjoyed their experience. It was this dedication and attention to customer service that lead him to increase seating from 20 to the 100 it is today. Working tirelessly, Mr. Coro’s restaurant became a staple in the area providing food for the everyday local whose draw was the quality and pricing it provided.

  It was to no surprise that in 1992 Mr. Coro pursued this drive with the purchase of El Pub, just a short distance away, to expand on his success. In his absence Mr. Coro then left his nephew, Juan Coro, in charge of El Exquisito’s day to day operations. In what seemed to be overnight, Mr. Coro and his lifelong friend/business partner, Mr. Gregorio Rivera, created a thriving customer base for this new venture proving that hard work and a commitment to service would yet again create a meeting where people’s hearts and stomachs are filled. This helped pave the way for Little Havana to create a diverse selection of Cuban eatery’s with its increasing numbers of Cuban exiles and inquisitive tourists.

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