Cuban culture infuses Miami’s dining scene; in fact, more than 34% of the city’s population hails from the Caribbean island. This pervasive — and tasty — presence is a boon for foodies, and means there’s stiff competition among Cuban restaurant’s to dish out the city’s best island fare. Whether you’re seeking a strong cuppa Cuban coffee, having a late-night craving for fall-off-the-bone tender braised pork or hoping to get your fill of gooey, sweet fried plantains, these restaurants in Little Havana will whet your appetite … and leave you craving more delicioso meals.

Delicious plate of Spanish tapas

A plate of tapas at Le Koke – Wine & Bites in Little Havana

Now, the ones featured on this site are the editor’s pick (including an odd surprise) and are located in the cultural and symbolic heart of Calle Ocho (between 12th and 17th Avenues).  To list all of the great restaurants in and around Little Havana would require a full-time staff.  However, this list will gradually augment in the coming months.  Come back to check for updates often.



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