¡Azucar! Ice Cream

¡Azucar! Ice CreamCompany, LLC, located in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, was founded in July 2011 as an artisanal ice cream and sorbet boutique by owner Suzy Batlle.  Inspired by South Florida’s diverse cultures, the hot subtropical climate and a passion for sabor latino, they create their ice cream confections just like abuela used to make, using the highest quality ingredients and a desire to bring smiles to friend’s faces.

Azucar’s ice cream and sorbet flavors use high quality, all natural ingredients.  They buy their ruby red mamey down the street at the Los Piñarenos fruit stand and their sweet platano maduros are hand-prepared at El Nuevo Siglo Grocery Store nearby.  Whenever possible, they use locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables from South Florida farmer’s markets and Redland, Florida growers.

Suzy Batlle’s abuela (grandmother) was a very colorful person with great determination. She was born and raised in Cuba and married her abuelo (grandfather) who was a sugarmill engineer.  Here is where her adventure with ice cream began. She lived throughout Central and South America, always on the move due to her abuelo’s job. She was determined to make ice cream out of every tropical fruit that she found along their travels.

“Our grandmother was a treasure to be with,” said Suzy Batlle.  “Her passion was ice cream! As children we would enjoy all of her ice cream creations: sunset-colored mamey, creamy avocado with condensed milk, sweet pink guava and sorbets made only with the juiciest mangoes.”

Suzy Batlle, owner of ¡Azucar! with son.

Suzy Batlle, owner of ¡Azucar! with son.


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