Art Galleries

Whereas the Futurama 1637 space is quickly becoming known as the epicenter of the Calle Ocho art gallery district in Little Havana, it’s the smaller art galleries on the south sidewalk across the street that have been quietly surviving (in some cases thriving) for many years.

Agustin Gainza’s masterful use of color and light in his varied series of paintings, tile work and stained glass bottles never cease to delight the throngs of tour groups that descend on his storefront to take a small piece of his artistry home with them.  Mildrey Guillot’s impressionistic paintings evoke an entirely different mood right next door and her welcoming chats with guests are truly heartwarming, while Molina’s depictions of rural Cuban peasants disguised as western African deities can only be described as “Cuban Psychedelia.”

Several other spaces are worth noting (and they are in our Viernes Culturales page <see Attractions>), as well.


Painting of a bus winding down Havana street at night

“The Bus” – Agustin Gainza


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