What is ¡Fuácata! ?

Miami fuacata_tshirtFuácata! is a Spanish-language onomatopoeia (a word that makes a sound – like “Pow!” or “Boom!”) originating in the Caribbean. The Urban Dictionary defines it as:

  • “Interjection of Cuban Spanish origin used when someone else smacks their head on something, falls, or otherwise causes themselves pain accidentally, particularly if you foresaw it happening. Likened to ‘wham.’ (ex: You see your buddy slip on your ice-covered sidewalk while carrying a case of beer. “Fuacata! You alright dude? I knew someone would fall on that walk.”)”
  • “The Spanish language brother of the word Booya! Used whenever you need to exclaim how right you are or showcase superiority on anything at all. Unlike Booya, Fuacata! is usually said in the beginning of the sentence.  (ex 1: Fuacata! Now who’s your daddy? I told you I’m a better basketball player than you.  ex 2: No one can beat me in Grand Theft Auto. Fuacata!)”
Miami Spam Fuacata

Andrew Yeomanson swimming in his own epic vinyl collection. urbanlatino.com –Ashley Cisneros 2003

In Miami’s Little Havana, however, the term ¡Fuácata! took on a whole new meaning when back in 2001 Andrew Yeomanson (aka DJ Le Spam) and his Spam Allstars headlined a weekly concert event at Hoy como Ayer, a cozy little latin music club in Little Havana’s Calle Ocho (corner of SW 22nd Avenue) on Thursday nights.

Your ¡VLH! Guide, Ralph de la Portilla, co-founded the weekly event with Yeomanson, local actor Erik Fabregat and Steve Roitstein of the band called ¡Palo!, and “accidentally” named it ¡Fuácata!

“I wanted to create a party and a vibe that Erik and I would like to hang out in always.  Something that was uniquely Miamian in spirit. The music our friend Andrew was making all over town with his phenomenal musician friends was already starting to fuse uniquely American melodies with Afro-Cuban beats and rhythms and it just fit perfectly in this venue here in Little Havana,” said de la Portilla.

“So, once we convinced the owners at Hoy como Ayer that holding a weekly concert on their tiny stage was a great idea with these guys, we told them that we would give the party a name to promote it.  A name that would be powerful, like ‘¡Fuácata! There it is…’  They were confused.  I think we were, too, for a moment.”

¡Fuácata! parties ended after two continuous years of phenomenal success.  National press and media even took notice of the unique event. The Spam Allstars  received a Latin Grammy nomination for their album entitled ¡Fuácata! Live, which were all live tracks recorded at the weekly event.

Whereas ¡Fuácata! parties ended back in 2003, the Spam Allstars can be heard live at venues all over Miami, and even at Hoy como Ayer on select Thursday nights!

Miami Spam 2



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