Viva Little Havana! (¡VLH!) is a traveler’s informal guide to a neighborhood in Miami whose appeal is literally upstaging many of its surrounding areas.  It’s a piece of Americana you’ve only seen on television.

If you’re at the Grand Canyon, you might go to a rodeo. Since you’re in Miami, you ought to go to Little Havana.

Nowadays, tour buses make their way slowly along Calle Ocho, Little Havana’s main drag, stopping frequently so the visitors can gawk… Or shop…

There’s a lot to gawk at. 

But, ¡VLH! is more than just a guide: it’s a pretty sweet hook-up.

Ralph de la Portilla is a local tour guide who has the inside scoop on pretty much anything you would want to do anywhere in Miami. From spending an afternoon in Little Havana, sampling juicy roast suckling pork chunks and hanging out with cigar rollers, to taking a bike ride in South Beach and learning about Art Deco while checking out the hard bodies, “Mr Miami” (as the local kids jokingly named Ralph when he was 12 years old for constantly spewing out trivial Miami poppycock) is your in-town connection and friend you never even knew you had–sort of like a personal concierge and ambassador to the city that both torments and tantalizes him every day!

Now, if being talked to by a guide on a tour is not your thing, no problem. ¡VLH! can also send personalized itineraries according to what you want to do while in South Florida and even make reservations for you at countless restaurants, hotels, theatres, festival events and even book OTHER guided excursions for you (eg. sailing tours, charter boats, kayak, culinary tours, helicopter tours, scuba, snorkeling, airboat rides, Everglades eco tours, sky dives, etc.). Also, keep coming back to this site regularly as we update our recommendations of new things to do throughout the 305, offer reviews of other tour services and periodically post… Yep, POPPYCOCK (occasionally of the historical variety, and ALWAYS factual)!

Always in the Miami Poppycock page, of course.

So, whether it’s your first time in Miami, or you just keep coming back every year because you can’t get enough of the Magic City, hit up ¡VLH!s Ralph de la Portilla for some solid company or some sound advice to make your trip the best one ever.

Golden Butterfly Girl at Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)

Golden Butterfly Girl at Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)


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